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Wraiths are a producer trio originating from Ayrshire, Scotland. Comprised of James, Colin and Neil.

Wraiths came to be in a unique way. James was founding member of Public Domain, – a widely known electronic group in the early 2000s. Neil came from a background as a DJ and MC in the rave scene, whereas Colin comes from the other side of the musical spectrum as he was heavily influenced by the heavy metal and indie scene. 

Forming individually in entirely different musical backgrounds, the talented trio were born. Wraiths will take listeners on a journey that is influenced by a wide array of genres.

The talented producers seek to push the envelope with their sound and bridge various elements from their respective genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic, and dark style. The centrepiece of their sound derives from the famous Roland TB-303, enabling their productions to convey an organic, raw, and distinctive sound. With every release, Wraiths will have listeners engulfed into the world they create with their diverse approach to writing music and dark, atmospheric sound.

Keep an eye on and ear out for Wraiths as they are set to cement themselves in the music industry for many more years.


Collective Paranoia

Release Date : 18th September 2020

Artist: Wraiths


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